Test area handed back to traditional owners

In an official ceremony the Defense Department handed back to Maralinga Tjarutja the last parcel of land of the vast ‘Section 400’; the area where the seven atomic bombs where tested in 1956 and 1957. “It’s a hurting history”, Keith Peters, Chairperson of Maralinga Tjarutja, told the handover ceremony in the presence of the federal […]

Yami Lester

Meeting Yami Lester

Yami Lester is a Yankunytjatjara man who reported a mysterious ‘black cloud’ travelling closely to the ground across the country and the Aboriginal encampment of Wallatinna cattle station after the first ‘Totem’ test at Emu on 15 October 1953.


Jonathan’s story

One of the central stories of Black Mist Burnt Country is the story of artist Jonathan Kumintjarra Brown. Jonathan was removed from his parents at Ooldea mission station at very early age and grew up with in a foster family in Melbourne and Sydney. At a later stage of his life he located his parents […]

Clouds in the west

Yalata community visit

From Adelaide, Curator JD Mittmann traveled to Yalata community in South Australia, 250 km west of Ceduna and 1700 km east of Perth, to meet Anangu/Pitjantjatjara and consult community representatives and elders. The visit was kindly supported by the Melbourne-based philanthropic Gordon Darling Foundation.

MaralingaAnangu_Teresa Edwards

Maralinga – The Anangu Story

Curator JD Mittmann met with award-winning book author Christobel Mattingley in her Adelaide home. In collaboration with the Yalata and Oak Valley communities Christobel has produced a detailed account of their story: Maralinga – The Anangu Story (published by Allen & Unwin in 2009).

Frank Walker - Maralinga

Frank Walker publishes book about Maralinga

Investigative journalist Frank Walker published his book Maralinga – The chilling expose of our secret nuclear shame and betrayal of our troops and country (Hachette 2014). More info: www.frankwalker.com.au/books/23-maralinga


Burrinja applies successfully for Research & Development grant

The Melbourne-based philanthropic Gordon Darling Foundation has kindly provided a grant to support the research and development phase of Black Mist Burnt Country. It will enable Burrinja Curator JD Mittmann to travel to Yalata, South Australia, to meet and consult the traditional owners of Maralinga.